Oh what an amazing stage!

The stage is set, ready for this year’s #artskickers winners to receive their awards and oh what an amazing stage it is! This summer Hoxton based designer Morag Myerscough invited local residents to join her at the Garden for a series of special pattern-making workshops. It was the start of a journey to create a show-stopping ‘#Artskickers Stage’ befitting the awards ceremony ‘celebrating the unsung heroes of East London’s arts scene’ and which could then take up permanent home at Dalston Curve Garden. The patterns produced in those summer sessions were integrated by Morag into her final designs for the stage, which will be officially unveiled at the  #Artskickers Awards on Thursday 13 September.

We can’t thank Morag enough for dedicating so much of her time, hard work, creativity and energy, to creating this beautiful artwork. Her attention to every detail of the design process has been truly inspirational. She says: 

“Artskickers are incredible powerful people on a very strong mission and the Garden is such a beautiful magical place with wonderful people. I feel very lucky to have been able to help make an installation with the local people who use the space and who will hopefully enjoy the new colourful addition” 

We’re so grateful that Angie Gough and Kay Richardson from the #ArtsKickers invited Morag to get involved and for working so hard to make it all happen and to the many hands that have helped, including ‘Arthoppers’ on studio assistance and Jack Lamont for constructing it all.  Like us, Angie Gough is delighted with the final result:

So many people pulled together to make the #Artskickers stage a gorgeous, eye-popping reality. People who love the Curve Garden and believe in the power of the arts to make the world a better place. It’s the love child of #Artskickers, Dalston Curve Garden and Morag Myerscough, brought to life by Adam Lloyd construction and a team of amazing volunteers. We are SO proud of it And emotional. I mean seriously, wait till you see it…”

After the awards ceremony, this amazing installation will remain at the Garden as a vibrant backdrop for all of our future music and community events.

Thanks to all the artskickers pattern workshop participants and to photographer Sandra Keating for capturing them so beautifully. 

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