Core Arts has been working for the past 25 years in Hackney to promote and provide opportunities for adults suffering severe mental health issues to explore and reach their potential in the creative arts, using the power of creativity to become a lifeline to wellbeing.

Using the arts to challenge stigma, Core Arts focusses on the most excluded groups in society, building confidence and allowing vulnerable people greater control over their future.


Presented by: John Mulholland, editor of The Observer

PRIZE – In addition to being featured in LOVE EAST magazine, the Core team are getting a bundle of treats – to be used on the team or as fundraiser incentives. Sponsored by Bootstrap Company, Lardo, e5 Bakehouse and Cowling & Wilcox.


Kenneth Greenway, Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, Mile End (Tower Hamlets)

Ken works for the innovative and outward looking Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery, leading the way in Tower Hamlets to combat nature deficit order since 2002. Nature is at the core of their activities but art is used as an engine to create a deeper appreciation and love of the natural world.

Ken IS Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, his enthusiasm for the place is infectious and he communicates its value in way that is so engaging you can’t help but be fascinated by THCP.  This attitude has meant that negative perceptions of THCP have been shattered and it has allowed others to find their special place and as a valuable resource for their activities. 


Presented by: Deborah Curtis, Artist & Founder of The House of Fairytales


Ebbs & Prince, The Ruff Sqwad Arts Foundation, Bow (Tower Hamlets)

Prince Rapid and Slixx from Ruff Sqwad established the Ruff Sqwad Arts Foundation to bring their experience of the underground Grime scene and DIY music making to disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in Poplar and beyond.  They enable young people to develop their full potential through Grime music.

“You Can’t Handle the Booth” happens at Spotlight every Friday night attracting people from all over London; New Cross, Ilford, Croydon and all over Tower Hamlets this helps to tackle the problem of postcode boundaries which fetter the free movement of many young people throughout the area.

Their work with Spotlight HARCA has directly contributed to reducing crime levels by 40% in the Langdon Park area of Tower Hamlets. Reducing crime, through Grime. Love it.


Presented by: Renell Shaw, musician with Rudimental, producer, tai chi master

PRIZE – As well as getting the FIRST EVER artist created Artskickers Award, customized by ZABOU, the Ruff Sqwad are gonna get to collaborate with world famous streetartist D*Face.



Hoxton Street Monster Supplies & The Ministry of Stories, Hoxton Market (Hackney)

The Ministry of Stories is a local writing and mentoring centre in Hoxton, where anyone aged eight to 18 can come and discover their own gift for writing.

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies is the public face of the Ministry, a shop staffed by volunteers drawn from the local community, selling a range of own brand products ranging from zingy lemon curd to slime and gobstoppers. The shop is branded and built entirely to buttress the work done by the Ministry of Stories.

Presented by: Kathryn Tyler, Co-Founder of Digital Mums


PRIZE: Digital Mums are giving a Social Media Manager to shout out the story of the Ministry of Stories for 6 months.



Sharlene Carter, Choreographer (Barking & Dagenham)

Sharlene is an incredibly inspiring and motivated dance teacher, always connecting up new talent with prestigious groups and individuals, seeing the potential in someone and giving them opportunities to progress.

This is a woman who knows and notices them all, she knows the kids/the parents/the teaching assistants in schools/the teachers and she’s not afraid ever to get stuck in working on something new. 


Presented by: Kat B.

PRIZE: Sharlene is gonna have her hair done by stylists to the stars Soph & Danielle at Kennaland, a facial from Brian at Dynamic Skin Therapy, lunch at Franco Manca on Broadway Market and more treats.


Age 13-18  TWIST Theatre Company

16 graduates of the Hackney Empire’s Artist Development Programme created their own theatre company and called it TWIST – “The Way I See Theatre”. They wrote their own version of Macbeth, crowdfunded to get it to Edinburgh and are now planning their next production.

Presented by: Denise Gough, Actress

Prizes: All of the FUTURE ARTIST shortlisters are getting prizes. Thanks to The National Theatre, Great Art, Westfield, Susie McKenna and Sharon D. Clarke.


Age 5-12 The Year 3 & 4 Students of Gayhurst Community School

Inspired by Dali and the surrealists, this group of 7-9 year olds created an exhibition in their old school bike shed, which is now a gallery, open to the public (by appointment) and we encourage everyone to book a viewing.

#TAG is the Art Gallery at Gayhurst Community School.

[View the project ‘El Surrealismo’ #TAG.02]

Presented by: Gavin Turk, Artist

Prize: £500 shopping trip at Great Art in Shoreditch



Marie & Brian at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden use the garden’s unique environment to inspire children, young people and adults to get involved in arts through a range of imaginative free arts events and activities. The Curve is a hub for visual art, conceptual art, video, music, singing, sculpture, photography, theatre and performance. Their slogan is ‘everyone is welcome’ and they mean it!

As far as “hard work, dedication, passion, slog and effort to inspire and provide the platform for communities to engage in and with the arts in East London”, these guys not only do it with love, but in abundance. I don’t think words can describe what this organisation does to encourage participation in the arts in this local community.

Marie and Brian embody everything that makes Dalston great.

Presented by: Angie Gough, The Arts Crusader and Founder of The Artskickers Awards

Prize: Flowers by Lizzie Thorne and dinner at Lardo London