We’ve got 8 categories this year…

⚡Community Superhero (Organisation)
⚡Community Superhero (Individual)
⚡Smartist (Creative Business)
⚡Startist (Creative Start Up)
⚡Social Media Superstar
⚡Artskicking Teacher
⚡Future Artist (age 5-12 & age 13-18)

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The Community SUPERHERO Award (Individual & Organisation)

This award seeks to recognise an exceptional individual, group, specific project or organisation working within the community to encourage arts participation. Someone giving other people a good old-fashioned #KickUpTheArts.

The winner of this award could be up to anything. They might be running workshops or organising events. They might be making us dance or sing or having us paint the streets. They’re most likely to be filling out mountains of paperwork and chasing that fabled unicorn some of us call ‘Funding’. These individuals or groups will stop at nothing to ensure everyone in their community gets the chance to play at being an artist.

They are the Supermen and Wonder Women of your local arts scene.

NOTE: There are 2 Awards in this category, Individual & Organisation

Know a Superhero?

Winner 2017: Organisation – Core Arts  (Hackney) + Individual – Kenneth Greenway, FOTHCP (Tower Hamlets)

⚡The KickstARTer Award

This award is for a person or organisation enabling emerging artists to pursue a career in the arts.

Kickstarters know the ropes. They don’t just know what to say – they know who to talk to. They know that all too often even the most gifted climbers need a hand up.

Kickstarters show us the ropes. These Artskickers are the heroes who know their way around the Batcave. They are the people who mentor, support and stand by our side as we seek to pursue a career in the arts.

They’re helping others to help themselves, now help us celebrate these Kickstarters.

Know a Kickstarter?

Winner 2017: Ebs Ayerh & Prince Rapid, The Ruff Sqwad Arts Foundation (Tower Hamlets)

The SmARTist Award

Rewarding a really smart, innovative, established business with an arts focus.

Smartists are innovators. If space is the final frontier, Smartists will be the first to make a life on the moon. Some of them have harnessed the power of the world wide web and are spinning it into ever more imaginative things. Some of them have converted their house-boat into a bookshop and are spreading the word(s). Some of them once met a few yak in Nepal and are now making a life selling their wool in the local market.

All of them remind us that a ‘p’ becomes a ‘party’ when you add a little ‘arty’…

East London is teeming with Smartists and we want to hear about them. Who are the ones buzzing about finding ever more #artskicking ways to make East London the greatest pARTy on the planet?

Who’s the SmARTist on your street?

The StARTist Award

Rewarding a new business venture (0-24 months) with an arts focus.

Everybody starts somewhere and we believe it’s in the early days when support and recognition can have a really big impact. In face of rocketing rents and oodles of red tape, it’s tough tough tough in the early days (yep, we know all about it 😉)

We want to hear about new business ventures with an arty farty focus. We want to give them publicity and plug them into our network of #Artskickers. We know it takes a village to raise a Startist.

Come hither StARTists, let US be your village.

This is a new award for 2018

The Social Media Superstar

A person or organisation using the power of social media to inspire arts participation.  

Bloggers, Vloggers, Digital Mums n Dads! We want to hear all about the influencers using their social status (ha!) to enable and inspire others to connect with all things artsy in East London.

Hit us up with your Social Media Superstar

This is a new award for 2018

The Artskicking Teacher Award

This award seeks to reward a teacher sharing their arts knowledge and experience with others.

Good teachers teach you to think like them. GREAT teachers teach you to think like yourself.

Good teachers are quick to spot mistakes. Great teachers… don’t believe in mistakes!

We need you to tell us who they are, what they do and give them a massive THANK YOOOOU!!!

These teachers, whose imagination and passion inspires young people in the pursuit of creativity are hidden in schools, homes, galleries and all manner of places across East London. They might be teaching tap or singing (in the rain…). Heck, you can even nominate your Mum!

We ALL know an artskicking Teacher.

Winner 2017: Sharlene Carter, Choreographer and Cultural Connector at Studio 3 Arts (Barking & Dagenham)

Future Artists
(age 5-12 & age 13-18)

We want to hear from or about children and young people doing something #artskicking in their local community.

Young people of school age who are the artists of the future (ages 5-12 & 13-18)

NOTE: There are 2 Awards in this category, ages 5-12 & 13-18

Come on. Show us The Future.

Winner 2017: TWIST Theatre Company + The Year 3 & 4 Students of Gayhurst Community School

The People’s Choice Award

The Chief Artskicker Award

The People’s Choice Award – a special award for the most nominated person / organisation. Who will it be this year??

Winner 2017: Dalston Eastern Curve Garden  (Hackney)

The Chief Artskicker Award – chosen by the Judges, this award honours an East London based professional artist who inspires others to engage with the arts. Hmm… who to choose??

Winner 2017: Artist Yinka Shonibare MBE