Celebrating the Unsung Heroes
of East London’s Art Scene


‘Allo ‘allo ‘allo, what’s all this then…?

Angie Gough pic
Angie Gough @TheArtsCrusader

I’m Angie, Hackney dweller, mother of three, believer in the power of art to give kids a leg up in life. In a borough where 41% of kids live in poverty, it cheeses me off that there’s a real disconnect between those who get to benefit from arts participation and those who don’t.

In March 2016, I embarked on a year-long mission to give me and the kids I love a #KickUpTheArts. Over the course of that year, I documented my efforts on instagram (Instagram), on my blog (Blog) and in LoveEast Magazine (LoveEast Magazine) sharing information and tips, hoping to inspire people to get up of their ar(t)ses and make the most of East London’s brilliant cultural scene.

In the past year, I’ve come across inspiring, hard-working, passionate individuals and organisations who are the unsung heroes of this culturally resplendent community of ours. I think it’s time someone thanked them for their efforts, got them some publicity and gave them a good night out, so… I’m teaming up with LoveEast magazine to do just that.

The #Artskickers Awards will recognise and reward individuals and organisations whose hard work, dedication, passion, slog and effort inspires communities to engage in and with the arts in East London.

I’ve got a totally #artskicking team of volunteers organizing the whole shebang with me and our efforts are supported by a host of generous judges, sponsors and people who love #artskickers.

If you’d like to join us, you can start by downloading the I ❤️ #Artskickers image below ?. Take a photo of you (with it) to share on social media and show your support. If you fancy something juicier, we can almost certainly find a job for you so please get in touch 😉

1. Nominate

We have teamed up with AwardStage to provide an awesome platform to capture and collate all your #artskicking nominations.

2. Judge

We are honoured to have an esteemed panel of Judges, brought together to pick the winning Artskickers across all the categories.

3. Award

All the #Artskickers Awards winners will be announced and celebrated at an utterly #artskicking ceremony on March 29, 2017 in Hackney.


Artkickers Shortlist

Wall of Fame

We had a whopping 256 submissions, every single one an #Artskicker. We’ve put them ALL on this wall, which will be on display at The Stage EC2 on March 29.

Our committee called, googled, ogled and sneaked in to visit some and after heated debate, here are the shortlisters…  Happy snooping ?

Jessica Boatright, Ingeenium
Jo Carter, Immediate Theatre
Kenneth Greenway, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park
Lara Fiorentino & Greg Key, BSMT Space
Tess Hunkin, Hackney Mosaic
Melita Denaro, Richard Livingstone, Zeynap Dagli and Robin Gardiner,
St. Joseph’s Hospice Arts Volunteers
Pete Bennett, Hackney Wick

Talk to us…

We’re always happy to hear from anyone who bothers their #arts to get in touch, no matter the reason. You can do it on instagram, twitter or facebook, or email us right here. Over to you…

For press related stuff, or if you’d like to have a chinwag with one of our artskicking judges,
email Angie or Julie